The Tank

Considering the area of the church roof that we were collecting from and the average annual rainfall of Rio Dell, we could have used a tank with a capacity greater than 12,000 gal. If we were to remove the next closest downspout, we could

collect over 25,000 gal. Instead, considering the space allotted to us by the Rio Dell Baptist Church, we opted for the more sleek 550 gal. model.

Would it have fallen? I'm not sure, but when it doubt, run away!

As mandated by county code, but debated by tank distributors, an earthquake strap was installed as a precautionary measure. This is earthquake country after all.
Fittings were attached to the tank in order to allow for the 2" pvc pipe water intake and overflow, as well as for a standard garden hose shut-off valve.

Just a little Research and Development.

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