Making Adobe

Materials needed: sandy-clay soil, fiber (straw), water, hoe's, a shovel, buckets, adobera (an adobe form), a wheel barrow, a rag, and as many laborers as possible!  To determine if you have a good soil for adobe, wet the soil and see if you can roll it into a ball.  If you can and it holds together well, then there is enough clay in your soil mixture to make good adobe bricks.

How to do it:

Adobe tidbit: one man can produce on average 30 adobe bricks in an 8 hour work day.  

Making Adobe with GIRL POWER:  The day we made adobe it took us 5 hours with the labor of 2-4 girls at a time.  Together we made 24 adobe bricks.  Once the wet adobe was ready to placed in the forms, 2 girls were able to make on average 9 bricks an hour.  Check out the pictures....