Our first major setback was being in the rainy season in Mexico, which started the middle of July.  Unbeknown to us we were also faced with the random occurrence of Hurricane Emily.  This was a major downfall because not only did we have to wait for a sunny day to make adobe, our bricks and our plaster had a hard time drying.  There were days where we were ready to work and the rain shut us down. As Murphy's Law states, when you need to get the job done there are always obstacles that come on in full force.

Another challenge we had to face every day was a 4 month old beast of a puppy.  Everyday we had to deal with this monster tackling us, trying to walk on our wet adobe bricks, jumping in our delicate adobe box fresh with plaster, and running under our feet.  She tried at every chance to destroy our every move.  Doesn't she look vicious?

Here is our creative rain fly from a tent to act as a tarp to keep the rain out.

cracked wet adobe