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Shail Pec-Crouse- I became a vegetarian at the age of 13 and vegan at the age of 19. My reasons for having a more restricted diet were mainly because of the environmental impacts of animal farming and the atrocious conditions that most food animals are raised in today.

As my understanding of the environmental impacts of an American diet became more sophisticated, I took a closer look at my diet and my reasons for not eating various foods. I started to buy only organic, then as much local food as possible. Eventually I came to the realization that that soy protein shipped from across the country probably had more of an environmental impact than grass fed animal protein grown locally; so I began eating local grass fed beef which doesn’t get fed imported grains that could otherwise be used for human consumption. I have high hopes for creating a local market for pastured goose meat--geese can be raised on a 90% grass diet, while chickens can only eat 20% grass.

Last fall my friend Sarah was tossing around the idea of a chicken farm, and I told her I would be interested in joining her as I have a passion for raising animals and was exited about growing my own food. I still am skeptical about the sustainability and appropriateness of raising chickens in this region because we have no local source of feed. However, I am really exited to be providing pastured poultry products to people who would otherwise buy imported eggs and meat that is grown mainly in warehouses with small dirt or cement outdoor enclosures. Organic standards require access to the outdoors when weather permits, but the area is usually bare and small and in many areas the birds are not allowed out for 4 or 5 months of the year because it is so cold. I have also felt like it is important for me to have more of a connection with my food. If I eat it I feel I should be able to kill it.