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    Adobe:  A mixture of sand, clay, and sometimes straw that is

      placed into molds to form a brick that is sun-dried.



    Adhesion: The physical property of a substance that allows it 

      to join unlike materials together.



    Cob: A mixture of clay, sand, and straw that can be

      used as a building material.




    Cobber's thumb: A stick or small object of similar size that

      can be used to work the cob, make holes, and help in the applying 

      of cob. 




    Cohesion: The physical property of a substance that allows it

      to stick to itself.




     Cordwood: Short lengths pieces of wood that are put into a

      building medium, such as cob, which helps to create the structure




    Embedded Energy:  The total energy that takes into

      account all of the processes associated with the production of a

      structure or product.




    Hay: A type of grass.





     Ooging: Condition that occurs when the cob is too wet and it

      bulges out from too much weight on top.




           Rammed Earth: Earth construction made out of sand, clay,

     and gravel.  Formwork for walls are set up with other materials and

     the earthen material is poured in to form the wall.




    Straw: Hay with the seed heads cut off.  Straw is generally used 

      over hay for cob construction because it is more inert.  For

      example, hay could potentially sprout, while straw can not. 




    Tensile strength: The physical property of a substance to

       retain its strength while being stretched and pulled.  Straw acts in

       a way similar to rebar. 




    Thermal Mass: A substance that has the ability to absorb  

      and release heat. 




     Time capsule: A sealed container, holding potentailly any

      object, to be persevered and later discovered by future people.


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