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  The cob bench was actually started the semester before I started working on it for my project.  In the previous semester, Spring of 2005, a concrete foundation was laid down and soon after that a few layers of cob were put on top of the concrete.  I actually had a few opportunities to work on applying this cob in ENGR 114.  I very much enjoyed this experience.  Therefore, I was excited to try to complete the rest of the cobbing needed to finish the bench.  My project would be to finish or, at least, make as much progress as I could on the cob bench at CCAT grounds.  CCAT is Humboldt State's Campus Center for Appropriate Technology.  CCAT has become an important part of the university, with many people going there for tours and to learn about appropriate technology.  When the bench is finished I hope people will not only be able to enjoy the bench, but also to learn something too. The bench is located on the upper part of the CCAT grounds around the back of the house.  On a clear day the bench gets the perfect amount of sunshine, and is wonderful to sit on and enjoy when the sun is setting. 


CCAT is currently in the process of being relocated.  The old CCAT building had to be moved from its old location so that the new Behavioral Science Building could be built.  As this building is under construction, CCAT has moved to Jenkins House 99.  Eventually, the old CCAT house will be relocated to a new spot and resume being the official CCAT house.          




Figure 1.  Old CCAT house with construction in the background. 




Figure 2.  Current CCAT house.




Figure 3.  In the backyard of the current CCAT house.  The pit is where the old CCAT house will be placed.